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Starting with just a pick-up truck in the early 90's, Seattle-based entrepreneur, Jim Thorpe, began buying and fixing up houses. Utilizing his degree in architecture and design from Washington State University, combined with his blue-collar upbringing, Thorpe began his journey in real estate with the restoration of a 1,000 SF single-family home. From finding the off-market property to performing the renovations and selling the home himself, Jim became well-versed in all phases of the value-add renovation process. At present day, Jim is the owner of Summit Capital Partners LLC and has successfully renovated over 500 properties across the Puget Sound Region, equaling over $500 million worth of assets. Jim Thorpe’s success story is one of hard work and dedication. His intense understanding of the market and ability to capitalize on the right opportunities has proven to be highly successful, enabling him to sustain his thriving business and positively impact the surrounding areas. 

As his business continues to expand, Jim’s influence on the community has expanded as well. With drive, ambition, and a passion for giving back to those in need, Thorpe has been able to achieve great success; his work is reflected not only through the expansion of his business but also through the positive changes he has made in his community. Whether it be hosting fundraisers, or supporting local nonprofits, Thorpe is dedicated to actively participating in creating a better future for all Seattle residents. Thorpe’s previous efforts to make an impact in the Seattle community are demonstrated in his past philanthropic involvement. For the past 8 years, Thorpe has hosted an annual Haunted House at his residence in Laurelhurst. In lieu of an entry fee, attendees are asked to donate $1.00 or a non-perishable good to benefit Northwest Harvest. Not only does this event promote community unity, but it also provides the opportunity to give back. In total, the 2022 Laurelhurst Haunted House collected $10,000 and 5 tons of food throughout the three-day production.

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